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The Critical Languages Institute is a national training institute for less commonly taught languages, offering summer intensive courses and study-abroad programs around the world.

Every summer, CLI brings students from across the U.S. together to develop their linguistic and cultural competency rapidly and effectively through intensive in-person immersion programs. Students live on the sprawling Arizona State University campus alongside faculty and staff while, speaking, studying, and living in Hebrew.

Arizona State University is a large, metropolitan university. The main campus, housing over 64,000 students, is located in Tempe, 15 minutes by light rail from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. Emblematic of the lively, eclectic atmosphere of Tempe is the city's main street, Mill Avenue.

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First-year Hebrew in Tempe, Arizona

First-year Hebrew provides beginners a solid introduction to Hebrew grammar and conversation. Students who complete the course successfully will reach a proficiency of Novice High or Intermediate Low.
Students will be able to communicate in day-to-day situations in Hebrew, will be able to read and write effectively on familiar topics, and will have a solid foundation for further study or travel.
The program introduces students to Israeli and Jewish culture and guides them towards speaking modern Hebrew at the Novice High or Intermediate Low level.
First-year Hebrew combines 4 hours a day of classroom instruction as well daily informal activities in Hebrew led by facilitators representing Hebrew-speaking communities from around the world.

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Funding Options

Melikian Center Awards Program

Melikian Center Awards Program

Supported by the Melikian Center's endowment and by private donations, the Melikian Center Awards Program provides scholarships of up to $1,750 for superior applicants to study critical languages at CLI's domestic programs and up to $4,000 towards CLI's study abroad offerings.

This funding opportunity is open to all CLI applicants. High school, community college, and non-students are especially encouraged to apply.

A separate application is required to apply for this funding opportunity.

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Need-Based Fee Reduction

Need-Based Fee Reduction

The Melikian Center offers up to a $1,000 reduction of the published CLI program fee for qualified Pell Grant eligible students and non-students with an annual family income of $50,000 or less. This $1,000 reduction applies to Tempe-based or study abroad programs. Please note that a limited number of fee reductions are available; not all students who apply will receive a need-based fee reduction.

To qualify for this funding opportunity, please indicate your Pell Grant eligibility on your general CLI program application.

A separate application is not required to apply for this funding opportunity.

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Center for Jewish Studies Awards for Hebrew Language Study

Thanks to the generosity of Friends of Jewish Studies, the Arizona State Jewish Studies Program is able to offer several awards of up to $500 for students of CLI's Hebrew program. This award is available to all CLI applicants regardless of citizenship, enrollment status, or level of language proficiency.

No additional application is necessary for this scholarship opportunity, all CLI Hebrew applicants are automatically considered.

About Critical Languages Institute Language Programs


Thanks to ASU institutional support, CLI does not charge tuition (in-state or out-of-state) for its credit-bearing courses. Instead of tuition fees, we charge a flat administrative fee of $1,750* for all domestic programs in Tempe. Please note that this fee covers academics only; it does not cover room and board, travel, study abroad program fees, books, or insurance.

This fee is the same regardless of language and number of credits taken. In-country extension programs may have additional fees.

*All prices and descriptions on this page subject to change. Participants are responsible for checking current prices and details before signing billing, housing, or meal contracts. For information about our reduced program fees for low income/Pell Grant eligible students, please see the Funding Options tab.

2024 Program


Tuition and Fees 

Domestic Tuition and Fees 

+ 4 Week Study Abroad

8 Week

Study Abroad


All Domestic Language Programs


ASU Housing Available

OR Self-arranged off-campus

All ONLINE Domestic

Language Programs


Albanian in Tirana, Albania




Armenian in Yerevan, Armenia



Campus Housing

BCS in Sarajevo, Bosnia




Indonesian in Denpasar, Indonesia 




Russian in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan




Ukrainian in Warsaw, Poland



Polish in Warsaw, Poland $8,1004* Hotel
Uzbek in Tashkent $3,5002* $6,8003*


Kazakh ONLINE (taught from

Nazarbayev University in Kazakhstan)

$3,200* (international fee)

1:Price does not include books, room, board, ASU student registration, or other incidentals.

2: Price does not include books, room, board, ASU student registration, or other incidentals for the domestic portion. Price does include housing while abroad. Check individual language pages for more information on meals, excursions, and other covered costs. Visa fees and airfare are not included.

3: Check individual language pages for more information on meals, excursions, and other covered costs. Visa fees and airfare are not included. Price does include housing while abroad.

4:Check individual language pages for more information on meals, excursions, and other covered costs. Visa fees and airfare are not included. Price does not include housing while abroad.

* All prices are subject to change.

Dates and Times

Russian in Tempe, Arizona:
May 20th - July 12th, 2024
Monday - Friday, 8:30AM - 12:40PM

Language programs in Tempe, Arizona (excluding Russian)
May 28th - July 12th, 2024
Monday - Friday, 8:30AM - 12:40PM

8-week Language programs abroad (most):
June 17th - August 9th, 2024
Monday - Friday

4-week extension programs abroad:
July 15th - August 9th, 2024
Monday - Friday

Kazakh Online program (taught from Kazakhstan): June 03 - July 26**

**Dates subject to change!

Credit and Syllabi

Most CLI programs offer 8-10 undergraduate credits, though there are exceptions. All 4-week extension programs offer an additional 3 credits under the SLC 494 course designation.

Please view your program's course syllabus for detailed information.

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Housing and Meals

CLI offers language-oriented on-campus housing at one of Arizona State University's Tempe campus dormitories.

Students typically stay in double-occupancy rooms for $40* per day, with bathrooms shared between two double-occupancy rooms. This year ASU has instituted conference pricing at $115* per night which overlaps the beginning of our CLI programs.  With this new 2023 pricing structure, housing costs for our 7-week and 8-week programs are as follows:

7 weeks: May 26 - July 13  -  $2105

8 weeks: May 19 - July 13  -  $3025

ASU has a very limited supply of single-occupancy rooms. Participants who wish to live in an ASU dormitory and require rooms with ADA accommodations should email cli@asu.edu as soon as possible.

Typical amenities include laundry facilities, kitchen facilities, vending machines, air conditioning, and basic cable.  Kitchens are usually shared among residents of the hall and the CLI language clubs. CLI does not provide supplies for kitchen areas.  Bed linens are available to rent for an additional one-time $50* charge.

CLI students are not required to live in the ASU dorm or to eat on campus. Private summer sublets are available near campus; price and quality vary. CLI does not assist with off campus housing arrangements. 

CLI participants may eat on campus or may make their own meal arrangements. ASU offers a food court in the student union. CLI does not offer a meal plan for any of its on-campus programs. 

*All housing prices and descriptions on this page have been updated to 2023 pricing. Participants are responsible for checking current prices and details before signing billing, housing, or meal contracts.

Housing options for study abroad programs may vary.

Depending on program selection, students will live in dormitories, apartment-style housing, or with family home stays for the duration of their program. Further details will be provided to applicants via their application portal.

Placement Testing

If you are applying for a 2nd-year course or higher, you must take a placement test before the start of your program. Each language test will consists of a short test or writing sample. Placement tests will be calibrated to account for mid-semester progress at the time of testing.

Stay informed about the latest information on scholarships and application deadlines.