About the Melikian Center

The Melikian Center is a comprehensive research and training center with both instructional and research missions. It is home to over 40 faculty affiliates from ASU and community colleges throughout Arizona.

As an instructional unit, the Center sponsors the Critical Languages Institute, one of the largest summer training academies for intensive training in less commonly taught East European and Eurasian languages.

As a research unit, the Melikian Center capitalizes on its partnerships with more than a dozen East European and Eurasian universities to build programs of academic exchange, international development, and collaborative research.

In its outreach programming, the Center implements short-term training programs for professionals from Eurasia.

The Center has implemented research and educational programs for the Department of State, the U.S. Agency for International Development, the Department of Education, and the Department of Defense, among others.

Founded in 1984, the Center received its name in late 2006, in recognition of the generous support of Gregory and Emma Melikian.

The Center:

  • implements research and development projects
  • offers instruction in less commonly taught languages through its Critical Languages Institute
  • coordinates summer study abroad programs for less commonly taught languages
  • manages academic-year study abroad programs for less commonly taught languages.
  • coordinates professional and academic training programs
  • manages the Russian-Eurasian-East-European Studies Certificate
  • provides one-on-one mentoring to applicants for international study awards
  • organizes lectures and cultural events
  • holds seminars and conferences
  • hosts international scholars and organizes scholarly and citizens' exchanges
  • coordinates outreach activities in the greater Phoenix community
  • provides speakers and presenters for local organizations