Faculty Affiliate Publications

Faculty Affiliate Publications


Between the Devil and the Host:
Imagining Witchcraft in Early Modern Poland

Decolonizing Development:
Food, Heritage and Trade in Post-Authoritarian Environments


Water, Whiskey, and Vodka:
A Story of Slavic Languages

The Nonconformists_Book Cover

The Nonconformists:
American and Czech Writers across the Iron Curtain


Degenerations of Democracy_Book Cover

Degenerations of Democracy


Geography of Words

The Geography of Words: Vocabulary and Meaning in the World's Languages


Sonic Overload: Alfred Schnittke, Valentin Silvestrov, and Polystylism in Late USSR

Book Cover Psychomotor Aesthetics_Olenina Ana Hedberg

Psychomotor Aesthetics: Movement and Affect in Modern Literature and Film


Extreme Reactions

That Most Precious Merchandise

Book Cover Alfred Schnittkes Concerto Grosso No 1_Schmelz Peter

Alfred Schnittkes Concerto Grosso No 1

Lexical Layers of Identity

Military Affairs in Russia's
Great War and Revolution

Food and Power


Feide Freunde Frembde

Performance and Theatricality in the
Middle Ages and the Renaissance

Search for a Cold War Legitimacy

To Kill the Serpent in the Shell

The New Immigrant Whiteness

Childhood and Schooling in (Post)Socialist Societies: Memories of Everyday Life


Gluckskinder der Einheit

City Folk and Country Folk


Emotions in the History of Witchcraft

Hiding in Plain Sight

Srpski Gramaticki Recnik

Jezicka Geografija


Out of Silence

Od Nashix Rusa Do Komshijine Krave

Lexical Conflict: Theory and Practice

Russia's Sisters of Mercy and the Great War