Russian and East European Studies (REES) Certificate

The certificate in Russian and East European Studies (REES) encourages students to develop special competency in Russian, Eurasian, or East European languages and area studies. Certificate holders enhance their prospects for a variety of scholarships and fellowships, graduate school admissions, and a range of specialized government employment opportunities.

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Melikian Center Undergraduate Fellowship

The Melikian Center offers one-semester research fellowships in the Spring for students interested in extending their studies on Russia, Eurasia, and East Europe. The program offers the opportunity to work closely with a faculty member on a research project; meet and collaborate with other ASU students; attend special events with visitors to the Center. Fellows have the chance to develop expertise and receive a $1,000 scholarship. The main goal is to give students a taste of research and to increase their competitiveness for a range of external fellowship opportunities.

Undergraduate students from all majors and years of study with a demonstrated interest in the region are encouraged to apply.

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The Spring 2020 Fellowships have been awarded. Please check back for Melikian Center Undergraduate Fellowship opportunities for the 2020-2021 academic year.

Melikian Center Critical Languages Institute (CLI)

The Critical Languages Institute (CLI) at Arizona State University’s Melikian Center is a national training institute for less commonly taught languages, offering summer intensive courses and study-abroad programs around the world.

CLI instruction in Arizona and abroad is practically focused and proficiency-based. Students not only study a language, but learn to live that language. Specially designed summer intensives on the ASU campus prepare students, even beginners, to function competently in their language when they go abroad. Once overseas, students live and breathe their language; they participate in family life, join sports and gaming clubs, sing in choirs, join theater groups, appear on television, give presentations and make speeches, participate in neighborhood projects, and otherwise actively immerse themselves in the culture of the language they are learning.

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Barrett Honors College Scholarship Information

Through the Bidstrup Foundation and Barrett Research Undergraduate Fellows Program, students and faculty may partner to apply for research funding. Any Barrett student with financial need, who wishes to engage in research with a faculty member of ASU, may apply for funding. The program is designed to help Barrett students who want to carry out scholarly work under the tutelage of a faculty member and are required to earn money to address their financial needs.

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