Russian and East European Studies Certificate

Certificate in Russian and East European Studies

The certificate in Russian and East European Studies (REES) encourages students to develop special competency in Russian, Eurasian, or East European languages and area studies. 

Certificate holders enhance their prospects for a variety of scholarships and fellowships, graduate school admissions, and a range of specialized government employment opportunities.

The REES certificate requires a minimum of 20 credit hours, of which at least 4 must be in a language course and at least 12 must be upper-division.

  • Language coursework at the Critical Languages Institute (CLI), the Melikian Center’s summer intensive language program, can be used to fulfill the language requirement. For more information see:
  • A required one-credit capstone project junior or senior year may take the form of an extended research paper for an upper-division course, an honors thesis, a translation project, an internship, or a study abroad experience.
  • Coursework leading to the certificate is offered in units across the university—from architecture to religious studies.
  • A student with a major in any school or department may pursue this certificate and develop a personalized plan of study in cooperation with an advisor in the Melikian Center.
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