Critical Languages Institute Funding

The Critical Languages Institute offers several scholarships to graduate, undergraduate, and non-student applicants. 

CLI funding applications will reopen in October 2023.

In order to apply for one of our scholarships, you will have to first apply to a CLI program. Once you have started your CLI application, you will see a section titled "Scholarship Information" on your application dashboard under "Resources." From the scholarship information screen, you will be able to choose which scholarship application to begin.

You CAN apply for more than one type of scholarship, but please read through the eligibility requirements carefully. Please contact us at if you have any questions about funding.

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Melikian Center Awards Program

Supported by the Melikian Center's endowment and by private donations, the Melikian Center Awards Program provides scholarships for superior applicants to study ANY language at CLI.

Students who study in Arizona only can receive up to $1,750

Students who study in Arizona and partake in the optional 4 week abroad extension can receive up to $4,000

Students who study for 8 weeks abroad with CLI can receive up to $4,000

We also offer targeted awards for Albanian, Hebrew, Polish, and Ukrainian:

  • Through a fund created by CLI Albanian alumna Dr. Elaine H. Berkowitz, CLI is able to provide a limited number of awards of up to $500 for students of Albanian.
  • Thanks to the generosity of Friends of Jewish Studies, the Arizona State Jewish Studies Program is able to offer awards of up to $500 for students of Hebrew in CLI.
  • The generosity of past CLI students has made it possible to provide a limited number of awards of $500 for students of Polish.
  • Thanks to the generosity of private donors from the Ukrainian community, CLI is able to provide a limited number of awards of up to $1,000 for students of Ukrainian.

Please note, you do not have to submit separate applications for the targeted awards for Albanian, Hebrew, Polish, or Ukrainian. If you are applying to study any of these languages, your application for the Melikian Center Awards Program will automatically be considered for these awards.

ASU students, non-ASU students, teachers, and all other non-students are eligible to apply for this funding.

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Title VIII Fellowships

The Department of State's Title VIII program funds graduate students with U.S. citizenship to study the less commonly taught languages of Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union.

Please note that prospective applicants must submit both a Title VIII application as well as a CLI application for their language program.

Arizona State University offers intensive summer instruction in less commonly taught languages of Russia, Eurasia, and East Europe. Established in 1991, CLI features experienced and innovative native-language instructors and small class sizes. Our 7- or 8-week programs provide 8 credits, equivalent to a full two-semester sequence during the academic year. All classes beyond the introductory level are offered in-country, and for most languages, the program also offers students completing their introductory 8-credit course an additional 3-credit overseas module, to put their learning into action.

ASU’s program also offers online and in-person components providing cultural and geopolitical context, including a 1-credit online graduate class specifically designed for Title VIII recipients, which connects students on different language programs, provides comparative perspectives on the post-Soviet world, and builds professional capacities in communicating their expertise to audiences beyond their academic specialty.

Students who apply for an Arizona-only program may receive up to $6,000.

Students who apply for an Arizona program with the 4-week abroad extension may receive up to $12,000.

Students who apply for an 8-week study abroad program through CLI may receive up to $12,000.

Languages currently eligible for Title VIII support are Albanian, Armenian, Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian (BCS), Macedonian, Polish, Russian (3rd year or higher), Tatar, Ukrainian, and Uzbek.

Eligibility: U.S. citizens enrolled (or accepted for Fall 2023) in master's or doctoral programs of study at credentialed higher education institutions. Past CLI Title VIII fellows can be awarded the fellowship up to two more times, for a maximum of up to 3 fellowship awards, as long as they maintain their graduate student eligibility.

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Project Global Officer

Project GO at ASU is run by the Arizona State University Critical Languages Institute, in cooperation with the ASU Army, Air Force, and Naval ROTC units. Project GO participants study alongside non-ROTC students.

ASU Project GO has a limited number of openings. Participants are selected on a competitive basis. Selection criteria include academic achievement, potential to commission, commitment to mastering the language of study, and leadership potential. See the ROTC website for details.

Beginning Russian students study at ASU for 2 months, then go abroad for 1 month.

Beginning Indonesian students and all intermediate and advanced Russian students study abroad for two months. 

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Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Awards

The Summer Foreign Language and Area Studies award provides eligible students with a $3,500 stipend and up to $5,000 in summer tuition to go towards a summer intensive language program of their choice, often in Eastern Europe, Eurasia, and Central Asia.

Please note that the $5,000 will only be applied towards tuition and fees, and does not cover housing, travel, or meals which are often included in study abroad program costs. The stipend may be used to cover the costs not included in the tuition portion of the scholarship.

Most FLAS awards are for intermediate and advanced study.  

This is an external scholarship and requires a separate application. Please visit the FLAS website for more details.

Need Based Fee Reduction

The Melikian Center offers up to a $1,000 reduction of the published CLI program fee for qualified Pell-eligible students. This reduction applies to Tempe-based or study abroad programs.

Unlike our other funding opportunities, this reducton does not require a separate application. Instead, you are only required to indicate your Pell eligibility on your general CLI program application in order to be considered for this fee reduction.

These fee reductions are limited. Not all who apply will be awarded.

To learn more about Pell or to see if you are eligible, please visit:

Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship

The State Department's Gilman Scholarship provides awards of up to $8,000 for students in financial need to study abroad, including in CLI overseas programs. Gilman applications require certification of the program by your institution's study-abroad office.

This award is offered through an outside source; NOT through CLI at ASU. We simply offer support if you have been awarded so can attend one of our language programs. Please see below:

If you apply for Gilman support, please contact for assistance in getting the required information to your institution.

Gilman summer study applications are accepted from August to October and January to March. Please apply for the early competition, if possible, since applicants to the later competition will not learn their award status until after the deadline to commit to CLI study. Please contact for details on timing your Gilman application.

Have a question? Contact for details regarding scholarship eligibility and deadlines.