Welcome to the CLI application instructions page.

The CLI 2022 application is now OPEN! The application deadline for most* CLI programs has been extended to April 15! Apply today! Submit your application by 11:59pm MST on April 15, 2022.

Begin your application by choosing a program in the 'languages' tab on this page.

You do not need to apply to ASU before applying to a CLI program; please disregard any instructions on the Study Abroad site prompting you to do so. If you do decide to participate in a CLI program, you will need to submit an ASU non-degree application. This two step-process is not ideal, but it means that CLI applicants do not have to pay an application fee until they are committed to doing the program. (For more information see the "Applications" tab on the CLI FAQ page.)

The instructions section walks you through each step of our application process. Please be sure to read these instructions carefully. Click on each step for detailed instructions. We also recommend that you keep this page open while completing the application (we get a lot of emails about Step 7!). We do not recommend that you complete your CLI application from a mobile device.

The CLI application is done via the ASU Global Education Office site. However, if you have any questions, please contact us directly at cli@asu.edu or 480-965-4188.

If you are interested in applying for funding, please click the button below. Please know that funding applications are separate from the language program applications; applying for a CLI program does not automatically qualify you for funding.

Funding Opportunities

*The deadline for Russian programs in Kyrgyzstan and Russia has not been extended.



Get login credentials for the application software. If you are an ASU student, simply use your current ASURite login.

If you are not currently enrolled at ASU, you will need to use an e-mail address as your login credential. To do that, select the Create Account text.

Screencapture of study abroad login landing page


Give initial data for the application software. At first it will look like this:

Screenshot of User Registration Page

Fill in the requested data. When you choose your state/territory or country under Choose Institution, an additional selection box will appear. Select your home institution there. If you are not currently a student, select the state/territory or country of your most recent institution and then select your institution from the list. If you have not attended any such institution, just pick the first option from the list for the purposes of setting up this account. (Please note: You will be able to provide accurate information in the Academic Background Questions section of the CLI application. You will be able to indicate whether you are a high school student, non-student, undergraduate, graduate MA, etc. This is the information we will look at when reviewing your application.)

Then click the Create Account button. A pop-up box will appear. Click OK. In a very short time you will receive an e-mail with your temporary password.


Select the Summer 2022 button and then click Continue.

Screenshot showing term Program Options


Enter your date of birth and mobile phone number, then hit the Update button to continue to the application.


Look over your main screen. To access your application, click on the program.

This is what your application page should look like before you begin your application. Unfinished forms are listed under 'Online Requirements.' 

Once you finish each form and mark it as complete, it will be moved to a new section below titled 'Completed Requirements.' You will not be able to edit completed forms.


Start your application by completing the steps under "Online Requirements." Click on the "Get Started!" button to access the application.

Screenshot of website

Please only start and complete one CLI program application. If you are interested in multiple CLI programs, please indicate your interest within the "Application Background" section of your main application.


Upload a scan of your valid, government-issued ID. If you are not a current ASU student, you will only be able to complete your application once you have uploaded a photocopy of your government-issued ID and we have verified your identity. This step is necessary to move forward with your application.  The Medical Authorization & Release as well as the Student Code of Conduct both require a verified identity to sign.

If you are not able to upload documents to the application, please email a scan of your documents to the Critical Languages Institute at cli@asu.edu.


To submit your application, complete the remaining items under application requirements, then hit the submit button. Please note that the CLI application is free and you will not be charged for submitting an application.

Screenshot of application showing "Submit your application" button

If you need to leave the application for a while, the best URL to log back in is: 


Once your application is submitted, the website will change your application status to successfully submitted.

Screenshot of application website showing a submitted application

Your application is considered complete when you have both successfully completed all of the online requirements and hit the submit button. If you have any questions about our programs or the application process, please don't hesitate to call the CLI/Melikian Center at (480) 965-4188 and we will be happy to help you. You may also email us at CLI@ASU.EDU with any questions.