How to apply to CLI

Welcome to the CLI application instructions page. The CLI application is done via the ASU Study Abroad site. However, please contact CLI at or 480-965-4188, and not the Study Abroad Office, with any questions.

Below, we will walk you through each step of our application process. Please be sure to read these instructions carefully. Click on each step for detailed instructions. We also recommend that you keep this page open while completing the application (we get a lot of emails about Step 7!).

We do not recommend that you complete your CLI application from a mobile device.

You do not need to apply to ASU before applying to a CLI program; please disregard any instructions on the Study Abroad site prompting you to do so. If you do decide to participate in a CLI program, you will need to submit an ASU non-degree application (instructions will be provided). This two step-process is not ideal, but it means that CLI applicants do not have to pay an application fee until they are committed to doing the program. (For more information see the "Applications" tab on the CLI FAQ page.)

Begin your application by clicking your choice of program below the application instructions. The link will open in a new window. 

If you are interested in applying for funding, please click the button below. Please know that funding applications are separate from the language program applications; applying for a CLI program does not automatically qualify you for funding.

Funding Opportunities

Application Instructions


Get login credentials for the application software. If you are an ASU student, simply use your current ASURite login.

If you are not currently enrolled at ASU, you will need to use an e-mail address as your login credential. To do that, select the bottom radio button

and then hit the Submit.

Note:  you do NOT need to apply to ASU in these initial stages.  Once you have been accepted into the CLI program, you can go through the process of applying to ASU.


Give initial data for the application software. At first it will look like this:

Fill in the requested data. When you choose your state/territory or country under Choose Institution, an additional selection box will appear. Select your home institution there. If you are not currently a student, select the state/territory or country of your most recent institution and then select your institution from the list. If you have not attended any such institution, just pick the first option from the list for the purposes of setting up this account. (Please note: You will be able to provide accurate information in the Academic Background Questions section of the CLI application. You will be able to indicate whether you are a high school student, non-student, undergraduate, graduate MA, etc. This is the information we will look at when reviewing your application.)

Then click the Create Account button. A pop-up box will appear. Click OK. In a very short time you will receive an e-mail with your temporary password.


Re-login using the email you received.

If you are an ASU student, click the link to the right of ASURITE users, login here. You will be sent to a standard ASU login page. Log in and go to step 4.

If you are not yet an ASU student, click the link to the right of General non-ASURITE login. This time you will want to select the middle radio button and then hit submit.

A new page will open. Fill in your username and temporary password and hit the 
Login button.


Set up your security questions and then hit the Update button.


Choose a new password and hit the Change button.

Be sure to write down the password and store it in a secure location.


Select the Summer 2021 button and then click Apply.


Provide a mobile phone number in the box provided.

If you are a not yet an ASU student, there is another bit of security involved, which is a special passphrase you will sometimes need to enter.
This is completely separate from your password.

In the Home Institution field select Other.

In the Passphrase field enter: Sparky. Once you have entered the passphrase into the field, click Save.

A pop-up box will appear. Click OK.


Look over your main screen. Notice the Messages section in the lower right. Every time you log in to the application site, check to see whether there are any new messages that affect your application.

To return to your main screen, just click My Home on the far left menu, under Applicant.


Start your application by clicking the CLI link under Summer 2021. This link is where you will access all the questionaires, settings, and status updates for your application.  The link you actually see should indicate the language and location of your study.

Please only start and complete one CLI program application. If you are interested in multiple CLI programs, please indicate your interest within the "Application Background" section of your main application.


Once you click into a program application you will see a bunch of sections. On the bottom right you will see My Online Forms & Submissions. This is the area where you enter information relevant to your program application and scholarship applications. Keep your eyes open here for additional information requests as they appear. When you fill out a subsection, you can save it and come back to it later. Once you hit Submit inside a subsection, you can no longer change the information there and a checkmark will appear next to that section in the Received column. That's how the staff will know that a section is ready for review.

The Resources section is on the left side. Items under this section include materials like examples of syllabi, information on ASU account creation, and billing information. As you read though these documents, you have the option to "Mark as Read." Doing so notifies CLI staff that you have reviewed the document. Note that marking as read will not remove the document from you home page. Be sure to mark documents as read as you review them.

There is a My Signature Documents section on the upper right. This section contains documents that require your signature to be submitted. Some of these forms require you to print the document, sign it, and email it to while others allow an e-signature. The type of signature that is required will be indicated when you access the document.

Finally, there is a Recommendations section on the right hand side. This section is always visible, however, it will only contain information on letters of recommendation if you are applying to a program or scholarship that requires a letter of recommendation.


To submit your application, complete the remaining items under My Online Forms & Submissions, Resources, and My Signature Documents to complete your application.

If you need to leave the application for a while, the best URL to log back in is:

Please note, there is no submit button! Your application is considered complete when you have completed all of the tasks. If you have any questions about our programs or the application process, please don't hesitate to call the CLI/Melikian Center at (480) 965-4188 and the staff will be happy to help you. You may also email us at CLI@ASU.EDU with any questions.