Russian - 2nd Year in Bishkek

Russian - 8 weeks in Kyrgyzstan


Second-year Russian in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Students solidify their command of Russian and raise their listening, speaking, and communicative skills to the Intermediate Low level or better. Graduates can interact in day-to-day life in Russian-speaking countries effectively and with ease. 

Due to restrictions on the use of federal scholarship and fellowship funding inside the Russian Federation, CLI's Russian programs abroad are being offered in the Russian-speaking city of Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. See the 'details' tab for more information.

We will wait until the beginning of March to make a decision on whether this program will be online.



June 21 - Aug 13, 2021

5 credits of RUS 201
5 credits of RUS 202



  • Open to ASU and Non-ASU students
  • Open to non-U.S. students
  • Open to undergraduate and graduate students
  • Open to working professionals and retirees
  • Placement exam required

CLI-Bishkek offers an extensive program of extramural activities. Most are conducted in one-on-one or small group formats with local activity guides. All activities are conducted in Russian.

  • Daily conversation practice
  • Twice-weekly small-group activities, tied to classroom topics
  • Museum visits (small group activity)
  • Cultural Center visits
  • Cooking classes
  • Craft classes
  • Shopping and bartering lessons
  • Ata Beit Memorial
  • Weekend trip to Talas and the Manas Ordo masoleum
  • Weekend trip to the Ala Archa gorge
  • Weekend trip to Barskoon


We are waiting until the beginning of March to decide whether this program will be held remotely, so that we can make an informed decision.

Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan, is a city of 1 million, situated at the base of the Tian Chian mountains. The city is multiethnic, home to Kyrgyz, Uzbeks, Tajiks, Kazakhs, and Russians. The primary language is Russian, although Kyrgyz is also spoken widely. Renowned for its tree-lined streets and its network of gravity-fed glacier-water canals, Bishkek is considered one of the greenest cities in the world. Modern Bishkek is a very youthful city, with an active cafe and university culture.

CLI's program in Bishkek is managed jointly by Arizona State University and the School of Russian and Asian Studies. Classes are conducted at the London School of Bishkek.

Housing & Meals

Students live with Russian-speaking host families.

Host families provide breakfast and dinner.

Students purchase lunch in any of the restaurants in the vicinity of their classroom building.



The ROTC Global Officer Project (Project GO) provides full scholarships for the study of Second-Year Russian in CLI-Bishkek.

See PROJECT GO @ ASU for details.  

Application deadline TBA



Supported by the Melikian Center's endowment and by private donations, the Melikian Center Awards Program provides scholarships of up to $4,000 for superior applicants to study Russian in CLI-Bishkek.

ASU students, non-ASU students, teachers, and other non-students are eligible to apply for this funding.

Apply by January 25, 2021



The State Department's Gilman Scholarship provides awards of up to $8,000 for students in financial need to study abroad, including in CLI overseas programs. Gilman applications require certification of the program by your institution's study-abroad office.  If you apply for Gilman support, please contact for assistance in getting the required information to your institution.

Gilman summer study applications are accepted from August to October  and January to March. Please apply for the early competition, if possible, since applicants to the later competition will not learn their award status until after the deadline to commit to CLI study. Please contact for details on timing your Gilman application.


The Melikian Center offers a reduction of up to $1,000 of the published CLI program fee for qualified Pell-eligible students. This reduction applies to Tempe-based or study abroad programs. Please indicate your Pell eligibility on the general application to be considered for this fee reduction.

To learn more about Pell or to see if you are eligible, please visit:


Program Fee

The CLI-Bishkek program fee of $6,200* includes:

  • 180 hours of instruction
  • 10 academic credits
  • 8 weeks housing
  • breakfast and dinner
  • language coaches and activity guides
  • excursions and activities
  • insurance
  • phone and phone card
  • transportation to and from airport

It does not include:

  • international travel
  • lunch
  • personal expenses (including excess baggage fees)

*All prices and descriptions on this page are based on 2020 estimates and subject to change. We are currently working with our overseas partners to get updated 2021 prices and will update this page accordingly. Participants are responsible for checking current prices and details before signing billing, housing, or meal contracts.

For the latest information on CLI 2021 click here.

If you have any questions, please email or call us at (480) 965-4188.