Title VIII Opportunities at ASU’s Critical Languages Institute

Arizona State University offers intensive summer instruction in less commonly taught languages of Russia, Eurasia and East Europe. Established in 1991, CLI features experienced and innovative native-language instructor and small class sizes. Our 7- or 8-week programs provide 8 credits, equivalent to a full two-semester sequence during the academic year. All classes beyond the introductory level are offered in-country, and for most languages, the program also offers students completing their introductory 8-credit course an additional 3-credit overseas module, to put their learning into action. ASU’s program also offers online and in-person components providing cultural and geopolitical context, including a 1-credit online graduate class specifically designed for Title VIII recipients, which connects students on different language programs, provides comparative perspectives on the post-Soviet world, and builds professional capacities in communicating their expertise to audiences beyond their academic specialty.

Languages currently eligible for Title VIII support are Albanian, Armenian, Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian (BCS), Macedonian, Polish, Russian (3rd year or higher), Ukrainian, and Uzbek.

Eligibility: U.S. nationals enrolled in masters or doctoral programs of study at credentialed higher education institutions, including those entering their first year.