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Through Professional Workshops, the Melikian Center is helping scholars develop a variety of valuable skills.

2023 Professional Workshop in Public Scholarship 

The second Workshop in Public Scholarship was held by the Melikian Center in August 2023 with 14 graduate students, faculty, and other scholars gathering to work on multi-media stories to bring their research and knowledge to the broader public. Themes include issues related to indigenous Russia; borderland lives and livelihoods; colonial legacies; or civic activism and democratic expression.


Alexander McConnell - - February 20, 2024 -  "Peace to the World": Lessons from the Soviet Antiwar Underground

Matthew Becker - - October 22, 2023 - UM Research Associate Attends Workshop on Russia, Eastern Europe; Develops projects focused on Chinese 'Belt and Road Initiative,' Serb nationalism

Mikhail Svirin - - October 4, 2023 - The Great Symbolic War, or Why Felix Dzerzhinsky is Back


2022 Professional Workshop in Public Scholarship  

The Professional Workshop in Public Scholarship the Melikian Center hosted in September 2022 brought together ten graduate students and scholars from across the U.S., who share the interest of taking their knowledge public, to develop pieces to pitch as magazine articles, podcasts, K-12 lesson plans, short videos, and websites that drew from their particular regional expertise.  Additional workshops are in the works to provide similar hands-on opportunities in digital and multi-media storytelling, as well as a adapting scholarly research to inform policy makers. 


James Greene - - March/April 2023 - Masons at the Palette: Masters and Apprentices in the Russian Empire

Michael Kiel - - March 3, 2023 - Perspectives | Global environmentalism as a peacemaker in the South Caucasus

Spenser Warren - - February 26, 2023 - Is Russia Preparing for a Nuclear Weapons Test?

Anya Free [with Julia Khrebtan-Hörhager] - - October 27, 2022 - Alexander Nevsky of Russia, Reanimated and Repurposed 

Erica Glenn - - Fall 2022 - Music and Morale Among Ukrainian Refugees 

Jacob Lassin - - August 1, 2022 - How Literature Became a Weapon in Russia's Culture Wars


Claudia Lonkin is using ArcGIS to map African(-Americans) who traveled to the Soviet Union with results on a website forthcoming.