Synchronous Online Arabic Sustainment (SOAS)

DOD Personnel

Arizona State University DC Center offers a two-week ILR 0-2 synchronous on-line Arabic sustainment/refreshment course beginning February 22, 2016. The course comprises six hours daily of face-to-face online contact with the instructor in Adobe Connect and two hours of individual supervised homework activities with authentic materials on Blackboard. No special technology or installation is required at students’ computers – a stable internet connection, microphone and camera are all that is need. Students can be anywhere in the world – course times will be determined to best suit all students. The course, which is free for Department of Defense personnel, is funded in part through a Language Training Center grant from the Institute of International Education with support from the Defense Language and National Security Education Office. Non-DOD personnel, please contact the Melikian Center for more information at:

ROTC Students

Arizona State University’s LTC (ASU/LTC) provides intensive online language maintenance and enhancement training in Arabic and Russian for ROTC students. ASU/LTC courses provide six hours of instruction daily for intermediate-advanced learners in each of the target languages. Classes run two weeks and are devoted to reading, speaking, and listening, using culturally authentic materials. The audience is students that have demonstrated at least ILR 1-2 proficiency in Arabic or Russian. Courses will be integrated by proficiency level. ASU/LTC also offers intensive summer training within the Melikian Center’s Arizona-based ASU Critical Languages Institute

  • Your class comes to you face-to-face anywhere in the world
  • More diversified and attractive activities than in a traditional class
  • No special technology needed: standard computer/mobile device, with a webcam, microphone and speakers, is all you need
  • Arizona State University is a national on-line teaching leader
  • Free for Department of Defense personnel and ROTC Students
  • Six hours daily of real-time interaction with the instructor
  • Sustainment of ILR 0-2 coupled with the development of ILR 0-2 building blocks
  • Emphasis on reading, listening, and speaking
  • Student anonymity is protected

Class Videos

SORS - Lesson Introduction

This video shows a brief introduction to the lesson and learning objectives.

SORS - Russian Jeopardy

Playing Jeopardy to reinforce the material from the lesson.

*All videos shown are sample lessons from the SORS (Russian) program.


"My experience with SORS was very positive! I feel that the entire platform and interactive environment has led to great gains in my Russian language abilities."

-Andrew G.

"The ability to connect with an authentic clasroom experience from anywhere greatly increases my autonomy as a language learner and opens up new possibilities to continue to improve my language skills."

-Amanda W.

SORS - Interactive Lesson Component

An interactive exercise to practice dates and times in Russian.

SORS - Group Breakout Session

Student breakout groups. Collaborating on an in-class assignment.