Melikian Center 2000-2019 Newsletters


CLI 2020 Graduation Celebration

CLI 2020 Turkish and Albanian Culture Night

CLI 2020 Parliamentary Closures and Authoritarian Consolidations in Central Asia - featuring Margaret Hanson

CLI 2020 Reflections and Q & A with Eric Rodriguez - The Peace Corps

CLI 2020 Ukrainian and Persian Culture Night

CLI 2020 Rediscovering the Jews of Bialowieza through Oral History - featuring Katarzyna Winiarska

CLI 2020 Q & A with Animator Ermina Takenova see her film short Mankurt

CLI 2020 Macedonian and Polish Culture Night

CLI 2020 Turkey and Russia: Beyond the Myth of Historical Enmity - featuring Nicholar Danforth

CLI 2020 Uzbek and Armenian Culture Night

CLI 2020 COVID-19 in Indonesia: Dispatches from the Front Lines

CLI 2020 Hebrew and Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian Culture Night

CLI 2020 The Macedonian Naming Controversy - featuring Loring Danforth and Keith Brown

CLI 2020 Russian and Indonesian Culture Night

May 8, 2020 How I Ended WWII - featuring Gregory Melikian

April 24, 2020 Melikian Center Research Pieces Undergraduate Edition - featuring Elena Boyd, Spencer Erjavic, Collin Frank & Noah Pensak, Jamie Horowitz, and McKenna Kellar.


September 2019 In Memoriam: Professor Mark von Hagen - by Laurie Manchester