Transforming Accountancy Education at the University of Prishtina 2007-2010

"Transforming Accountancy Education at the University of Prishtina" is intended to strengthen the capacity of the University of Prishtina to produce accountants familiar with U.S. and European Union accounting standards, conversant with standard accounting software, and trained to meet specific the needs of companies working in Kosovo.

The project has three components:
Establishment of a Faculty of Accountancy
University of Prishtina and Arizona State University work together to design and establish a Faculty of Accountancy at the University of Prishtina. Prior to the establishment of this unit, accountants received only general training, as part of their studies in the Faculty of Finance and Economics. The new Faculty was designed by a joint ASU-UP team, with the active participation of the first wave of UP Masters in Accountancy instructors. (See next point.)
Training of New Accountancy Instructors for University of Prishtina
Five University of Prishtina graduates traveled to ASU to earn Masters of Accountancy degrees in the W. P. Carey School of Business. Their ASU training was supplemented by intensive pre-enrollment training and by a special seminar on International Finincial Reporting Standards. During their time at ASU, the accountancy students prepared curricula for a three-year, six-semester undergraduate course in accountancy, based on the ASU curriculum, but adapted for Kosovo.
Preparation and Translation of Teaching Materials
In order to overcome the nearly complete absence of standardized texts in accounting, the project translated a number of texts and other materials. These materials, selected by ASU and UP, in close consultation with the future UP Accountancy instructors, cover the fundamentals of accounting and cost management, and provide for the first time a standard vocabulary for many aspects of accounting. The materials were made available at no cost for students of the new Faculty of Accountancy.

This program is funded by the United States Agency for International Development through Higher Education Development (HED).

Project Name: 
Transforming Accountancy Education at the University of Prishtina 2007-2010

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Grant Amount: 
$463 080
Grant Dates: 
Thursday, February 15, 2007 to Friday, December 31, 2010