Training Business Managers and Public Administrators for the 21st Century 2001-2003

"Training Business Managers and Public Administrators for the 21st Century "
A linkage between ASU with the University of Prishtina (UP) in the fields of Business Management and Public Administration. From August 2001 to August 2003 the project encouraged business development through semester-long faculty exchanges.Delegates observed classes in either business management or public affairs, received computer training, and strengthened their English language skills. Studying side-by-side with American students gave delegates a students-eye-view of the world of U.S. academia. Working with their ASU colleagues, delegates developed syllabi during their visits. These syllabi provided the impetus for a number of courses subsequently added to the University of Prishtina curriculum.

Accomplishments of program delegates

It is a pleasure to recognize the accomplishments of former UP delegates at ASU who have assumed positions of leadership in Kosova.

But Dedaj
But Dedaj has been appointed regional manager and head of the Prishtina office for World University Services (WUS), Austria. WUS is funded by the Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Prishtina office under Dedaj is supporting three new programs: a course development program, a center for excellent projects, and the "brain gain program." More information is available on the projects at the WUS Website.
Teuta Murati
In July 2002 Teuta Murati joined the Kosova Research and Documentation Institute as project coordinator. Her research focuses on Institutional Structures and Public Policy Legitimation in Kosova. Murati is also involved in "Facing the Past: An Oral History Program." Murati is a professional board member at the Kosova Institute for Policy Development and Research, headed by fellow UP delegate to ASU, Leon Malazogu. Malazogu and Murati are preparing policy papers dealing with administration and governance in Kosova.
Leon Malazogu
Leon Malazogu is currently program director for the Kosovar Institute for Policy Research and Development (KIPRED).
Besim Ilazi, Ilir Dugolli
Besim Ilazi and Ilir Dugolli served as interpreters and project facilitators for a grant to provide management training at the Kosova Electric Company (KEK). The problems facing KEK are enormous. REESC helped to arrange a management training consultancy in January 2003 during which twelve KEK division managers worked to establish a realistic business plan for 2003.
Besim Ilazi
Besim Ilazi has recently opened two internet caf├ęs in Kosova and became involved in a large Internet Service Provider (ISP) project near Prishtina.
Ramiz Livoreka
Ramiz Livoreka is expanding his teaching capabilities at UP to include English-language sources.
Nexhmi Rexhepi
Nexhmi Rexhepi was hired by a NGO working to provide individual support to defense counsels regarding issues of violations of international law. Rexhepi continues to teach at the law faculty.
Ibrahim Gashi
Ibrahim Gashi has submitted a grant application to World University Service (WUS) to secure funding for historic preservation. Gashi developed a new course during his stay at Arizona State University dealing with this issue and contributed a great deal of time to creating a workable project to affect change in Kosova.


Spring 2002

Spring 2002 delegates were business management and public administration scholars Driton Balaj, Theranda Beqiri, But Dedaj, Leon Malazogu, and Teuta Murati.

Fall 2002

Fall 2002 delegates were Drita Radoniqi, Besim Ilazi, Ilir Dugolli, Rexhep Gashi, Nexhmi Rexhepi, Ajet Ahmeti, and Ramiz Livoreka. ASU faculty members Nancy Roberts (Economics) and Barbara McCabe (Public Affairs) served as project facilitators. Shahin Berisha, a faculty member at Gateway Community College, served as liaison between ASU and UP and coordinated the distance learning component of the project.
Matthew Bourque, an MA student in the School of Music studying Music Theory, worked with the delegates as a graduate assistant. Marie Mitchell, from the American English and Culture Program (AECP), was ESL instructor for the group. Rodney Ito, computer cluster manager, led computer skills sessions.

Spring 2003

The spring 2003 delegation from the University of Prishtina (UP) included: Fatmir Sejdiu, Arben Dermaku, Sefadin Blakaj, Ibrahim Gashi, and Arsim Bajrami. Matthew Bourque, an MA student in the School of Music studying Music Theory, worked with the delegates as graduate assistant. Illya Riske was the ESL instructor for the group. In this capacity Riske worked in Prishtina during the fall 2002 semester. Maria Sulli and Lena Felder served as ESL instructors at UP. Rodney Ito, Social Science computer cluster manager, led the computer skills sessions.

REESC hosted three other UP scholars for two weeks in the beginning of January. Bernard Zeneli, Edmond Beqiri, and Sabahudin Komoni came to ASU to focus on issues in American university administration. Zeneli was head of the UP Department of Political Science and Public Administration, and Beqiri was dean of UP Business School in Peja.

Professor Victor Friedman, Balkan linguist from the University of Chicago, visited ASU in December 2002, as project evaluator for the ASU-UP linkage.

Project Name: 
Training Business Managers and Public Administrators for the 21st Century 2001-2003

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$442 335
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Thursday, August 16, 2001 to Saturday, August 30, 2003