Russia's Sisters of Mercy and the Great War: More Than Binding Men's Wounds - Book Discussion

April 14, 2016
3:30 PM
Coor Hall, Rm 4403
Event Description: 

They are war stories, filled with danger and deprivation, excitement and opportunity, sorrow and trauma, scandal and controversy—and because they are the war stories of nurses, they remain largely untold. Laurie Stoff's pioneering work brings the wartime experiences of Russia's "Sisters of Mercy" out of the shadows to show how these nurses of the Great War, far from merely binding wounds, provided vital services that put them squarely in traditionally "masculine" territory, both literally and figuratively. [Source: ]

Laurie Stoff, a Senior Lecturer at Barrett, came to the ASU Honors College in 2014. She holds a PhD History from the University of Kansas. She specializes in Russian, East European, and women's and gender history and studies. Stoff has extensive teaching experience at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, and in honor courses, having taught at the University of Kansas, the University of Vermont, and most recently, at Louisiana Tech University, where she was Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies in the Department of History and the recipient of a number of teaching and research awards.  In addition to Russia's Sisters of Mercy, she has published the book, They Fought for the Motherland: Russia's Women Soldiers in World War I and the Revolution (University Press of Kansas, 2006). 

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