Revolution in Latin America, Cuba, and Mexico

April 14, 2017
cuban revolution
12:00 PM - 2:00 PM
COOR 5536
Event Description: 

During our event "Revolution in Latin America, Cuba, and Mexico," Alexander Aviña, Emil Volek, and Mark von Hagen will be discussing revolutions in Latin America, particularly in Cuba and Mexico, how they relate to the Russian Revolutions of 1917, to one another, and to Latin America today.

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  • Alexander Aviña – Associate Professor, History, School of Historical, Philosophical, and Religious Studies, ASU.  He received his PhD in History from the University of Southern California.  Before coming to ASU, Aviña taught at Florida State University.  His book, Specters of Revolution:  Peasant Guerrillas in the Cold War Mexican Countryside (Oxford University Press, 2014), was awarded the María Elena Martínez Book Prize in Mexican History for 2015 by the Conference on Latin American History.  His research interests include: Social Movements and State Violence in 20th century Mexico and Guerrero; Capitalism, Drugs, and Drug Wars; Cold War Latin America; the Left in Modern Mexico and Latin America; and Sports in Latin America.  At ASU, Aviña has taught the courses Studies in Latin American History and Modern Mexico.

  • Emil Volek – Professor, Spanish, School of International Letters and Cultures, ASU.  He received his PhD from Charles University (Prague, Czech Republic).  His areas of specialization include: Latin American Fiction; Theatre; Criticism; Marginal Genres (Testimonial Writing); Contemporary Literary Theory; Postmodern Writing in Latin America, Sor Juana Criticism; Narratology; Prague School Semiotics and Aesthetics.  Most recently, Volek has taught the courses: Introduction to Hispanic Literature, Foundational Texts of Latin American Literature since Modernismo, Spanish American Drama, Spanish American Literature, Concepts of Literary Criticism, and Regional Spanish American Literature.  His most recent book is La mujer que quiso ser amada por Dios: Sor Juana Inés en la cruz de la crítica (Madrid: Editorial Verbum, 2016).

  • Mark von Hagen – received his Ph.D. in History and Humanities from Stanford University.  Formerly the Boris Bakhmeteff Professor of Russian and East European Studies, Chair of the Department of History, and Director of the Harriman Institute at Columbia University, at ASU he served first as the Chair of the History Department, then as the Founding Director of the School for Historical, Philosophical & Religious Studies.  He currently is a Professor of History and Global Studies in the School of International Letters and Cultures and the School of Politics and Global Studies.  Von Hagen is the Founding Director of the ASU Office of Veteran and Military Academic Engagement and the Interim Director of the ASU Melikian Center for Russian, Eurasian, and East European Studies.  In addition, he is the Dean of the Philosophy Faculty at the Ukrainian Free University in Munich Germany.  He was elected President of the International Association for Ukrainian Studies in 2002 and presided over the Congress in Donetsk in 2005.  He also served as President of the Association for Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies (2009).

This event is is part of the series, “Revolution: Meanings, Origins, Memories.” A year-long conversation on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution.