Macedonian Marketing, Advertising, and Private Sector Development 2002

"Marketing, Advertising, and Private Sector Development "
A two-week seminar followed by job shadowing experience in Los Angeles on marketing, advertising, and private sector development. The seminar addressed a broad range of issues involving market planning and management, advertising company development, market research, and a host of practical issues from brand name identification, market positioning, and segmentation, to the practical issues of web-based advertising and international networking.

Background: This program addresses USAID/Macedonia’s Strategic Objective Strategic Objective # 1.3: “Accelerated development and growth of private enterprises,” Intermediate Result # 1.3.2: “Private Sector Firms More Competitive,” and Sub-Intermediate Result # “Private Sector Firms Increasingly Familiar with Sound Management Practices.”

Overall Program Goal and Training Objectives:
The training seeks to improve the quality services provided by participating agencies by offering managers a structured, hands-on exposure to international-class marketing and promotion practices.

  • Igor Celebic
  • Jelena Ivanovic
  • Natasha Ivanovska
  • Irena Jakimova Apelgren
  • Vesna Kuzmanovic
  • Drasko Roganovic
  • Elena Stefanova
Project Name: 
Macedonian Marketing, Advertising, and Private Sector Development 2002

Grant Category:

Grant Amount: 
$23 754
Grant Dates: 
Tuesday, April 9, 2002 to Friday, August 30, 2002