Local Tax Issues for Financial Officers from Bosnia and Herzegovina 2000

"Training for Financial Officers from Bosnia/Hercegovina on Local Tax Issues in Arizona "
A pair of training seminars on local tax issues providing a broad overview of the U.S. system of taxation. Delegates focused on practical issues related to state and local taxes. The initial overview of the U.S. tax system was conducted on the campus of Arizona State University by two faculty members from the ASU School of Public Affairs (SPA Director/Professor Jeffrey Chapman for the first group; SPA Professor Barbara McCabe for the second group). Following this overview, delegates were guided through practical training sessions dealing with the most important issues in state and local taxation in Arizona. At the state level, delegates met with key personnel from the Arizona Department of Revenue and representatives of the auditing and compliance divisions. What interested delegates was the way in which the Arizona Department of Revenue cooperated with local units of government to collect the sales tax not only for the state, but also for municipalities. This coordination/harmonization of state and local sales tax collection provided an example of the way in which the authority to tax could be decentralized, while maintaining streamlined and harmonized tax collection procedures at the state and local level.

March 4-18, 2000 Participants:
  • Stojan Bjelica
  • Draško Krišto
  • Novka Blagojević
  • Gordana Latinović
  • Miro Hadžić
  • Nevenka Stanić
  • Senka Hadžijusufović
  • Janko Stijepić
  • Senada Katica
  • Dragan Vrankić
March 25-April 8, 2000 Participants:
  • Vera Barić
  • Nevenka Lu?ar
  • Sabaheta Berberkić
  • Dževad Selimović
  • Ivan Brkić
  • Milorad Šolaja
  • Emir Dedović
  • Nada Marković-Spasojević
  • Mato Lukić-Kova?ić
  • Nebojša Zarić
Project Name: 
Local Tax Issues for Financial Officers from Bosnia and Herzegovina 2000

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$47 087
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Tuesday, February 15, 2000 to Friday, June 30, 2000