Judicial Training Institution Management - Bulgarian Magistrates - 2001

"Judicial Training Institution Management "
A seminar addressing the structure, financing, and program development of judicial training in the states of Arizona and New Mexico. The five participating staff officers of the Bulgarian Magistrates Training Center and one USAID/JDP observer attended on-site sessions at the Education and Training Department of the Superior Court of Arizona for Maricopa County and the Educational Services Division of the Arizona Supreme Court. The sessions on Arizona judicial training were augmented by a case study of the Judicial Education Center in New Mexico and an introduction to the structure and programming of the Federal Judicial Center.

  • Svetlana Krastenyakova
  • Milena Milanova
  • Stoil Pashkunov
  • Roumiana Rakova
  • Dragomir Yordanov
US AID Judicial Education Specialist, Judicial Development Project:
  • Virginia Leavitt
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Judicial Training Institution Management - Bulgarian Magistrates - 2001

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$9 964
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Sunday, July 1, 2001 to Saturday, December 1, 2001