Future Voters of Kosovo 2008-2013

Future Voters is a five-year project intended to advance democratization and build citizenship in Kosovo by helping young people become educated, engaged voters. Future Voters provides a unique, classroom-based civic learning experience for cross-section of majority Albanian and minority Serbian, Turkish, and Roma youth. Students who participate in the Future Voters of Kosovo project learn how to gather information, think critically and make decisions. They also learn important collaboration skills as well as respect for differing points of view – skills useful not only for civic participation but also for life.

The model for this project is the highly successful “Kids Voting USA,” first launched in the state of Arizona and expanded to more than forty states and the District of Columbia.

To develop the curriculum, train teachers, and oversee the development of the program, the Melikian Center is working with a team of proven leaders in civic education. Marilyn Evans, the founder of Kids Voting Arizona and first president and CEO of “Kids Voting USA,” is the Center’s chief of party overseeing project implementation in Kosovo. The project is lodged in the offices of KIPRED, a prominent and highly regarded Kosovar NGO that has extensive involvement in local election monitoring. KIPRED’s director of special projects, Ilir Dugolli, will serve as the main KIPRED on-site facilitator for the project. Dugolli earlier spent a semester as a scholar-in-residence at ASU. The five-year project builds off a series of significant Department of State and USAID projects undertaken by the Melikian Center in Kosovo beginning in 2001.

KIPRED Documentary - 'Future Voters of Kosovo' - 'Votuesit e së Ardhmes'

Project Name: 
Future Voters of Kosovo 2008-2013

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Grant Amount: 
$997 524
Grant Dates: 
Monday, April 28, 2008 to Sunday, April 28, 2013