Construction Project Management - Bosnia and Herzegovina - 2000

"A Training Program for Construction Executives from Bosnia/Herzegovina on Project Management "
A seminar for eleven construction company executives and two USAID observers from Bosnia and Herzegovina. The seminar focused upon two major issues: 1) efficient construction project management, including planning, estimating, scheduling, site organization, inspection, and the handling of multiple projects simultaneously; and 2) good construction business practices, including project financing, procurement of equipment and supplies, labor-management relations, customer satisfaction, quality assurance, and professional development. To address those issues, project delegates met over the course of two weeks with more than two dozen industry representatives from the greater metropolitan Phoenix area and Las Vegas. Delegates visited more than a dozen industry sites, ranging from small, medium, and large-size industry headquarters to numerous project sites under construction. University-based training sessions also involved hands-on work with computerized estimating and scheduling, business financing, and modern “design-build” methodologies.

  • Omer Delalič
  • Slavko Perovič
  • Ernes Djelmič
  • Petar Ivankovič
  • Srđan Rajak
  • Edin Hodñič
  • Azam Sabrihafizovič
  • Milan Subotič
  • Cvjetko Mitrovič
  • Ivica Vu?ič
  • Veselin Panič
US AID Observers:
  • Subhija Ponjavič,
  • Dubravko Zorič
Project Name: 
Construction Project Management - Bosnia and Herzegovina - 2000

Grant Category:

Grant Amount: 
$32 099
Grant Dates: 
Monday, May 15, 2000 to Monday, October 30, 2000